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History of Behrmann Company

Behrmann Company was founded in 1952 by Raymond A. Behrmann as Radi-Heat Engineering and Sales Company. The business designed and prefabricated hot water radiant heat and convector heating systems for residential and commercial applications. These were sold with plans and installation instructions to mechanical and plumbing contractors.


The introduction of air conditioning to the residential market in the mid-50’s caused a decline in hot water heating due to the need for two separate systems for heating and air conditioning versus a forced air heating system which utilized air conditioning ductwork. To adjust to the market changes, the company began evolving to a stocking manufacturer’s representative for steam and hydronic heating equipment.

A young Don and Tom Behrmann began working in the business in 1957. They continued working part-time throughout their college years and then left to pursue other careers. 

The signing of representation agreements in 1959 marked the start of experience in domestic water heating and steam systems in addition to hydronic systems. "Engineering & Sales" was eliminated from the company’s name to shorten it and to avoid suggesting that we provided engineering services in direct competition with our consulting engineer customers. Other commercial HVAC product lines were added until the conversion of the company was complete in 1964.


In 1969, the company name was changed to R.A. Behrmann & Associates to signal the end of our involvement in prefabricated radiant heating systems.  Another name change was made in 1988 to shorten the name to Behrmann Company. 

Realizing the potential of Behrmann Company, Tom returned to work at the company in 1970 and Don in 1973. Together they built a larger team, improved application engineering, expanded the product array, and increased market share. Don and Tom purchased the business in April 1979 upon the retirement of their father.

Since 1979, Don and Tom continued to build on the company’s systems expertise. They brought Behrmann Company from a prefabricated heating system company to a team of experts in the industry who provide advice on proper design of HVAC systems for building environments.

In April 2010, the company was acquired by Walt Steiner, a member of the Sales Engineer team. In May, 2012, the company moved its offices to 9783 Green Park Industrial Drive.  This move gave us the additional space we long needed in the office and almost doubled the warehouse size. This also gave us the addition of a training center and the ability to host dozens of customers at each session. In December, 2012, Behrmann Company acquired Engineered Thermal Systems (ETS).  This acquisition expanded our product array to include chillers, humidifiers and other chilled water and air side product lines formerly represented by ETS.  We are now a fierce competitor in the HVAC market with the ability to supply a package of equipment that no other firm can in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Over our 70 plus years, we have gained enough expertise through our association with manufacturers to have an excellent reputation with our customers.  In following our systems expertise concept, we are able to provide advice on proper design of combustion air and vent systems for boiler rooms.

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