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Core Values

We take great pride in who we are and what we do for our customers, manufacturers, and teammates.  Our success at building a great team comes from years of living our core values, individually and collectively as a team.  We are pleased to share them with you so you can better understand who we are and how we do business.  Our five core values, which drive the way we operate, are as follows:

Eager to Learn – Desire to expand knowledge and skills to maintain versatility, meeting the ever changing business environment.


One of our greatest competitive advantages stems from the philosophy of our founder that Behrmann Company should possess strong technical expertise about commercial HVAC systems beyond just product application knowledge.  As a company, we take pride in being known for this expertise and, while we have a lot of experts on our team, we actively pursue greater knowledge in our subject matter and related areas.  We enjoy dedicating time and energy to expand our knowledge and skills to become better at what we do.  We are open and eager to learn, grow, change, and be challenged.  Change is constant in our world, our industry, and in our company.  It is critical that we maintain versatility so we’re able to continue meeting the ever changing business environment in which we operate in order to best serve our customers.

Passion to Serve Customers – Exhibit enthusiasm, dedication, and resourcefulness, with the highest level of integrity, to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.


We sell high quality equipment but we also want to provide our customers with an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We meet their equipment needs by employing a high caliber team of engineers with deep technical knowledge of commercial HVAC systems, an in-house product support team with extensive systems expertise, and a 24/7 parts department.  We provide an exceptional customer experience by consistently demonstrating enthusiasm, dedication, and resourcefulness to solve customers’ problems.  We show excitement and joy when working with them, whether on the phone, in person, or by email.  We use our resourcefulness to solve problems as quickly, but accurately, as possible.  We apply creative solutions to overcome obstacles but we always act with the highest level of integrity.  So we serve our customers with passion and excellence and we strive to do it consistently every time.

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Success Driven – Demonstrate unyielding perseverance, attention to detail, sense of urgency, and focus to achieve the highest standards.


We have hard working and competitive people here at Behrmann Company.  We set high goals and display an unyielding perseverance to achieve them.  One of our mottos is “never give up!” so we work hard and keep trying until we’ve achieved success.  We are always striving to take things to the next level and push ourselves to make things better than they were before.  Also, we’re a details company.  We can’t afford to be wrong on engineering specifications or product recommendations.  It is critical to always act with attention to detail, a sense of urgency, and critical focus.  We move quickly but not at the sake of excellence.  So we are driven for success – we never give up, we get the details right, and we move with a sense of urgency and focus.

Teamwork – Collaborate with and strengthen others through respect, reliability, diligence, and accountability.


We want our company to be a place where all employees love to come to work.  We’re all different, like different things, and we may not mesh with everyone but it’s important that we accept the differences of others and collaborate with and strengthen them.  Even if someone’s interests or personality differ from ours, we work together in positive ways to achieve our common goals.  We look for ways to build others up, not cut them down.  We strive to avoid negativity of every kind, including gossip, unkindness, and negative criticism; instead we use kindness, respect, hard work, and reliability.  We embrace accountability and are willing to accept constructive criticism to grow.  By fervently applying a teamwork mentality, each of us contributes to becoming a stronger team, accomplishing more, and having fun at work.

Great Attitude – Maintain a positive and optimistic demeanor with all customers, manufacturers, and teammates.


A great attitude can help any situation and we strive to maintain a positive and optimistic demeanor at all times – with each other, with customers, with vendors, and with others.  We don’t have to agree with everything that everyone says.  Different opinions are allowed, and even encouraged at Behrmann Company, but we need to always be positive, diplomatic, and supportive of one another.  If we don’t like the way something is going, we discuss it but in a constructive manner.  If our suggestion is adopted, that’s great – we’ve made a contribution.  If it isn’t, we are gracious and jump on board to support it for the good of the team and the company as a whole.  A great attitude is always welcomed, appreciated, and respected.

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